Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sensible Shoes.......or, I Must Have Been Temporarily Insane

I plan to be married in May. We are not having a lavish affair and will be going to the courthouse and be married by a judge. Still, being a woman, I felt the event justified a pretty dress. I visited a bridal superstore last week just to be sure of my choice. Being a 50-year-old bride makes finding just the right dress very difficult. Given the choices at the bridal shop, I could have chosen to look like a prom nightmare or an elderly mother-of-the-bride. I wanted neither and decided to stay with the pretty white silk chiffon I ordered from Macy's website. Although white is not my first color choice, (not because I'm not virtuous, but because white isn't the most flattering color for my complexion), I believe that I can pull it off by adding some color by choosing pretty shoes and jewelry.

Let me note here that I have suffered from degenerative arthritis for several years. I have endured several surgeries, including two surgeries on my right knee. I have been told that I will someday need to have knee replacement and I hope that is very far in the future. I am very careful to avoid activities that might result in any injury to my knee.

That being said, I was led like a lamb to the slaughter to the shoe section of the bridal superstore. Knowing in my mind that I cannot tolerate much more than a 2 inch heel because of my knee issues, I allowed the (very kind and helpful, I must note) salesgirl to lure me into buying these 4 inch heeled beauties....

......and this is what I must have looked like while giddily writing the check for my purchase....

Let me tell you this: while shopping for anything wedding/marriage related, even the most mature and sensible 50-year-old becomes a starry-eyed bride-to-be and cannot be trusted with important decisions. Never ask financial or life advice from one of us at these times; you may regret it if you follow said advice. Consider yourself warned.  So that is the excuse I'm going with on how I came to buy a pair of shoes that I have no hope of ever wearing.

After the bloom was off the rose and I was home with the shoes, I tried them on again.....remember the stepsisters in Cinderella desperately trying to shove their giant feet into the dainty glass slipper????....that's pretty much what went on in my bedroom that evening. Even after struggling into the shoes, I was almost unable to walk in them. Even exchanging the shoes for a larger size would not remedy that fact.

So. I have a photograph of lovely shoes that I'll never be able to wear. I also have the assurance that I will be able to walk and enjoy my honeymoon week by choosing to wear a shoe that will not cripple me. But look out....I may just have those sensible two inch heels dyed a bright blue or purple just to show I still have a bit of life left in me! Just watch me!

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  1. Are you SURE you don't need a sign language interpeter for your wedding? I happen to know a good one. ;)