Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Other Man

It is time to face the facts. There is another man in my life and this must be addressed. I have kept this secret in my heart and the weight of the guilt must be lifted.

I met this man when I was just blooming into womanhood. He leaves me for a while, but always returns and my heart swells each time. I have struggled to live without him and I can go for months without a single thought of him entering my mind. Then like an old familiar flame, he enters my life once again.

This man is Stephen King, the author. I adore his storytelling. I just finished his most recent work, 11/22/63. I was given the book as a Christmas gift from my son and I had to read it in small doses so I could savor it as long as possible. Although he is most well-known for his horror tales, Mr. King also writes "normal" stories, too. The thing that always strikes me as I read his works, even with the horror stories, is this: No matter how absurd-sounding or fantastical the tale, his words make it so that you can actually imagine the story happening in real life. This is his gift, but also my curse. Once I begin, I cannot stop reading until I am finished. When I do finish, I feel as if I've lost an old flame again until his next offering appears. And I wait.

Books and stories have always been an important part of my life, but I am not able to devote as much time to them as I would like. What have you read lately and who is the other man, or woman, in your life?

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