Monday, January 9, 2012

A Scent From The Past

Just a quick blib to make you smile. I've recently discovered a new hobby, melt-and-pour soap crafting. I am having a wonderful time with this and plan to make more posts about that topic in the future. I recently placed an order for some supplies for my new hobby and received them in the mail today. Nestled in my parcel of goodies was a new scent, Violet.

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite dolls was a tiny little girl in a purple dress. She was scented and I had never been able to identify or locate that wonderful, sweet aroma. I once purchased a book published by Penhaligon's, the famous English fragrance company, and it was scented similarly.

My new scent, Violet, is almost a perfect memory to me of my little girlhood doll. When I opened the bottle and smelled it, I literally got tears in my eyes.

Scents are such a powerful part of our lives. They can instantly takes us to places and times of our lives with just one little whiff. I was once walking behind a woman who wore the same perfume my Mother loved and it brought such sadness, yet was comforting in a way as well.

I think that is one reason I am enjoying the soap crafting. I can use lovely scents of my own choosing and create beautiful things with them.

What are some of your favorite scents, my friends and readers?


  1. I"m a lavender girl. And sandalwood is a favorite. Old fashioned rose. But the plants that I study are perhaps my favorite. Something akin to jasmine, but with something else mixed in that I can't quite place. Although no one else would know what they smell like.

  2. I have a penchant for most the purple scents. I'm not sure if the color inspires the love of it, or if it's coincidence. I love lilac, lavender, rose, carnation... Lime, sage, honeysuckle. That's enough to start!

  3. I love all those scents, too! I love the earthy and warm scents, too. In the soap crafting biz there are a lot of folks who use the bakery-type scents. I really do not like them at all and plan to stick with what I like, unless I ever get to selling them and people want other things.

  4. I love the smell of fresh spring lilics. Just one whiff and I am where I grew with tons of love surrounding me:)

  5. Oh, I love lilacs, too, Ghost Seeker! Reminds me of warm spring evenings.

  6. I love scent memories too. My wonderful father who past away many years ago, always smelled like British Sterling and Brylcreme. That shows you how long ago it has been. But recently I met a man who smelled just like my Dad. I can not believe I broke down and cried right there. I explained why to him and he hugged me tight. It was really wonderful. If I closed my eyes, it was like Daddy was there.

    1. Peggy, I can identify with your experience. The woman who wore my Mom's perfume was a patient in our office and I had to rush to my room and burst into tears. Thanks for sharing that.